Claridge’s is rated internationally among the top 10 Hotels and in the UK within the top 3. It is not only one of the most exclusive Hotels it is also a long established name within the Hotel business dating back to the Victorian era. It is not only an icon it is a British Institution and performs a unique service to the international royalty, politicians and world celebrities.

Although the Hotel is well maintained and refurbished the intention is to maintain Claridge’s position to match the requirements and clients' expectations over the next 50 years. In order to achieve this the Client’s brief is to create new keys and new suites for the modern guest and their families, to provide technical facilities inline with modern standards. To improve the number of keys, to improve front of house dining facilities with additional restaurants and bars, provide spa, swimming pool facilities and improve quality of back of house facilities and to undertake major refurbishment of the historic fabric of the building.

The architectural engineering design initiative has been to explore concepts of reducing the quantum of primary plant and seek new locations for existing roof storey plant by way of cutting edge sustainable design.

Blair Associates Architecture Ltd. are the custodians of historic architectural information for the shareholders of Claridge's, and are responsible for all Listed Building and Planning Applications.

Blair Associates Architecture Ltd. has extensive historic architectural archives of the Victorian and Art Deco periods of Claridge's. Any information regarding the above, please contact this Practice.

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