Aera Energy & PDO Headquarters Oman

Aera Energy is a subsidiary of Shell International. Blair Associates Architecture Ltd has been working with Aera over a period of 8 years producing two major Asset Headquarters and currently working on the refurbishment of Aera Energy’s primary Headquarters in California. The Practice has developed concept design based on analysis of work in process within Aera Energy oil instruction operations. The scheme completed at Belridge is seen as an outstanding solution for Aera Energy and Shell creating a paragon to be achieved in other Shell centres worldwide.

Following the successful outcome of Aera Energy’s Asset Headquarters in California Shell International commissioned Blair Associates Architecture Ltd to undertake a new Headquarters for PDO/Shell in Muscat Oman. The design is based on large open plan workspace with internal landscape and project focus space. The project facilitates the bringing together of a series of departments normally split around a campus site into one unit, providing focus for design engineers and creating a united whole for the Company.

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