The Ritz Hotel

Since the new ownership on the Ritz considerable restoration work has been carried out on the Hotel raising the standard back to the quality originally attained by Cesar Ritz. The Ritz has enjoyed steady growth and is now highly in demand.

With the acquisition of the adjoining site the opportunity has arisen to extend the Hotel, the first phase of the works is the refurbishment of William Kent House. Blair Associates Architecture Ltd reviewed many design avenues with the culmination of the concept to extend the Hotel inline with the Arlington façade bringing the massing of the site back onto the street line, this provided an opportunity to extend the Hotel in the spirit of the original design creating a seamless junction between a new wing so that it connects with existing facilities the desire which was also held by the Ritz key clientele.

Blair Associates Architecture Ltd. are the custodians of historic architectural information for the shareholders of The Ritz, and are responsible for all Listed Building and Planning Applications.

Blair Associates Architecture Ltd. has extensive historic architectural archives of the The Ritz. Any information regarding the above, please contact this Practice.

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